“Well, after 5 years of ripping it up with my Brother’s in Core Zero, I’m sad to say that C.Z. will be moving forward without me on the Bass.  My Airline career and worldly travels have left very little time to contribute to the band, so we all mutually agreed that it was time for us to part ways.  It’s been amazing sharing the creative process and the stage with my boys Bryan, Mike, Doug, Chris, Dave and Steve, and I wish them and Core Zero absolutely nothing but the best going forward!!  Thanks also to all the fans, family and friends that came out to support us and our music!  Jeff G. \m/\m/”


The new album is out featuring the all new lineup. You won’t be disappointed!!!!

The full album is available for download now. Physical copies will be available at the end of October!!!!

Check out the first single above!  You can hear the album in its entirety on our discography page. 

Playing live in front of our fans is what we love the most. Check out our gig schedule for information on where and when you can come bang your head with the boys!


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